August 4th, 2016
By Havana Insider

Cuban Coffee Soon To Be Available In The US

Coffee is another sign of changing dynamics between the United States and Cuba. Swiss giant Nestlé SA recently announced its Nespresso division would begin selling "Cafecito de Cuba" single use coffee pods in the United States.
February 29th, 2016
By Havana Insider

Havana Insider: Taste The Best Of Cuba

Seven months after its July 2015 launch, continues to lead the field. It is the single most useful website for travelers to Cuba who want to savor the very best the island has to offer. We extend a big thanks to all our readers for their great support and feedback.
September 17th, 2015
By Havana Insider

A Different September in Havana

September is usually quieter in Havana. Now things are changing and you notice it clearly from month to month. New restaurants and bars are popping up everywhere. Numerous direct flights from the U.S. are arriving full every day, and the number of American visitors is clearly up a lot.