5 Rare Cuban Rums



When we talk about Cuban rums today, the usuals always come to mind, including Havana Club and Santiago. But there’s so much more to Cuban rum than just that. Here, you’ll find a selection of the latest and greatest rums we have been drinking. Each of our five favorite picks boasts its own unique character and sophisticated flavors. It might take a little bit more effort to find them but they’re definitely worth it.




Vigia Gran Reserva 18 Años

Incredibly clean, gorgeous and aromatic. Lots of finesse and very subtle on the nose from the wood ageing process. Extremely rich and layered with aromas of smoked wood and dried fruit. It goes on for minutes. Dry finish.

98 points




Santiago de Cuba Extra Añejo 20 Años

Extremely complex yet subtle in terms of aromas, which is composed of dried flowers, cedar and sandalwood. A clean and robust spirit with amazing depth and richness. Dry and true to the Cuban rum style.

98 points



Caney 12 Años

A complex and sophisticated aged rum that boasts rich aromas of dried fruit, and notes of cocoa, wood and tobacco. Beautiful balance on the palate, a warm caramel mouthfeel and a long-lasting umami chord. A distinctive, hard-to-find premium spirit from eastern Cuba that is enjoyed by many.

97 points




Mulata Añejo 15 Años Gran Reserva

Notes of pretty dried flowers, spices and light caramel. Round and rich with some woody and creamy texture on the palate; though, it could be considered a little dull.

91 points




Mulata 12 Años Reserva Real

Slightly waxy with plastic and light toffee undertones. A pleasant and well-done rum with a cedar and spice character. A little hot, but the rum boasts its own style.

90 points