Great rum is synonymous with the Caribbean, and nowhere is rum more famous than in Cuba. Centuries of tradition, a renewed focus on quality, and some of the best conditions for sugar cane anywhere all come together in a range of spectacular rums, many of which you may never have experienced. You’ll find a good assortment on the menu of virtually every good bar and restaurant, from intense Extra Añejos with breathtaking depth to Havana Club’s perfect, clean, fresh, and bright white rum. Treat yourself and fall in love. Five of the rums we love most are:

  1. Havana Club Añejo 7 años

More caramel than Añejo Reserva. Burnt sugar. This standard bearer of Cuban rum delivers a full body. Lots of caramel and cedar character and lightly sweet finish. Some may consider it fruity. 92 points.

  1. Santiago de Cuba Extra Añejo 12 Años

Some rancio, butter and dried fruits here. Caramel too. A full-bodied rum with a dense and rich mouthfeel. Soft and flavorful. Dry finish. Serious. 94 points. 

  1. Ron Varadero Añejo Gran Reserva 15 Años

A round textured and friendly rum with light smoked wood, cedar and cream character. Full, round and dry. Rich yet reserved and fine. 94 points.

  1. Vigia Gran Reserva 18 Años

Incredibly clean, gorgeous and aromatic. Shows subtelty and finesse in the nose from real wood aging. Extremely rich and layered with smoked wood, dried fruit. It goes on for minutes with lots of richness. Dry finish. 98 points.

  1. Santiago de Cuba Extra Añejo 25 Años

Intense aromas of caramel, candied fruit and cedar. This subtle yet rich rum has breathtaking depth and length on the palate. Goes on for minutes. Complex and perfect. 99 points.

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