Havana’s 5 best rooftop restaurants

With a great climate year-round, Havana is the quintessential outdoor city with many cool rooftop restaurants and bars. Most hotels in Old Havana have stylish and amazing terraces on their upper floors. Examples are Kempinski, Paseo del Prado, The Grand Packard, Saratoga or Inglaterra. But the most beautiful places don’t always offer the best experiences; they can be overpriced and their service might be a little off. 

So we prepared this list taking into account the quality of the cuisine and the service. These are five rooftop restaurants in Havana that are guaranteed to impress. 



1. El Cocinero

El Cocinero has  a dramatic setting: an old refurbished cooking oil factory. The restaurant has two floors, but the real action is on the third floor, reached by a spiral staircase. There, basking under the moonlight, is a magnificent rooftop terrace used for dining and drinks. The décor is modern and casual. You can park yourself at this lounge for hours just to unwind and enjoy the gorgeous open view. Its menu aims to provide inspiring, organic and fresh food, directly sourced from local fishermen and farmers to guarantee freshness and quality. Its strawberry daiquiri is the most frequently ordered drink here, but its cosmopolitan is equally good. Whiskies, cognacs, rums and other drinks are also on the menu. This is arguably the coolest restaurant in Havana.  

Address: 26 e/ 11 y 13, Vedado, La Habana

Contact: +53 7 8322355



2. La Guarida

More than two decades since opening, La Guarida has become synonymous with fine dining in Cuba. As veteran Cuban customers say, “There’s La Guarida, then there is the rest.” The restaurant is huge and has several floors, but depending on the time of year we love to sit on the rooftop and enjoy a cigar after dinner. The mouth-watering and superb “new Cuban” and Latino dishes are always on point. The snapper and octopus carpaccio in pepper sauce is divine. The long-fin tuna glazed with coconut in sugarcane and seafood sauce is perfection. In terms of overall quality and atmosphere La Guarida is great value.

Address: Concordia #418 entre Gervasio y Escobar, Centro Habana

Contact: +53 7 8669047,



3. El Surtidor Pool Terrace and Bar at Kempinski

Located on top of the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski, possibly the most luxurious hotel in Havana, this terrace has a privileged view of the oldest part of the city. The space is modern and elegant, yet casual. The bar has an excellent cocktail bar and a nice collection of premium spirits. Food-wise, we recommend going with something light, such as their pastas which are always pretty good. The infinity pool is fantastic, and sipping a daiquiri here is an unparalleled experience.

Address: San Rafael e/ Zulueta y Monserrate, Habana Vieja

Contact:  +53 78699100,




4. El del Frente

This is a spacious rooftop terrace and bar where you can either sit for a drink and a cigar, or have a light dinner surrounded by Old Havana’s historic architecture. The drinks here are exceptional, so much so that we have called this bar “Havana’s king of cocktails”. They make the best gin and tonics, daiquiris and mojitos in Havana. The food menu isn’t extensive but offers outstanding ceviches, pasta, and fish tacos. The clientele include Havana’s hippest locals as well as visitors.  You won’t want to miss this.

Address: O’Reilly #303 e/ Habana y Aguiar, Habana Vieja

Contact: + 53 78674256



5. Jesús María 20

This rooftop space in Old Havana is the perfect spot for a fun night out with friends. It’s casual, hip and artistic, and has a cool New York vibe. The bar is great and every cocktail is top quality. The daiquiris are perfectly balanced, refreshing mixtures of rum, fruit and ice, especially recommended for hot summer days. And don’t miss their inventive gin and tonics, easily some of the best in town, or their sharp and balanced bloody mary. The food menu isn’t extensive, but pairs with the drinks perfectly, offering outstanding ceviches, pasta, and a flavorsome cheeseburger. This resto-bar is on its way to becoming one of the hippest places in the city.

Address: Jesús María #20 e/ Inquisidor y San Ignacio, Habana Vieja

Contact: +53 78667462