News Round-up: Direct Flights From LA To Havana, Investing In Property In Cuba & More

Direct Flights From LA To Havana
Cuban teenagers on Malecón


American airlines could start operating weekly charter flights from Los Angeles to Havana as early as December this year, which could make the company the second major U.S. airline to offer direct charter flights following JetBlue. Tickets must be booked through Cuba Travel Services and round tickets are priced between $950 and $1,100 per person. Read more from Los Angels Times.

Real Estate:

The possibility of Americans investing in Cuban real estate market is increasing as the two countries are moving toward normalization. Here are five essential things you need to know before investing in any Cuban property by WSJ.


Cuba just recently opened 35 WiFi access points nationwide including five in Havana, and it did not take long for La Rampa, the most convenient one in Vedado, to become a gathering place for young Cubans eager to Connect with the Internet. Read more from Washington Post.

Despite sparse Internet connections, innovative Cuban youths are finding their own ways to push for greater creativity. One prominent example is Vistar, an online magazine about Cuban youth. Read the Forbes feature on its founders and other young Cuban entrepreneurs to see how they are embracing digitalization.

One of the unlikely bonds blossoming between Cuba and U.S. is linked by the action sport skateboarding. Watch BBC’s short video here to see how skateboarding is thriving in Cuba with U.S.’ help.