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Best Italian Restaurants in Havana: Corte del Príncipe


Corte del Príncipe is an understated and unassuming little Italian restaurant that you could easily overlook if not for its bright red front door and tables. In truth, the overall environment did not make much of an impression at first. But, the exceptional carpaccio and pastas make this gem a real winner. Tables are arranged carefully to optimize the restaurant’s narrow space. The kitchen is always buzzing, and you can see the chef uttering his commands to his staff and tending the stove facing the entrance. The menu is kept simple with just enough choices of starters and pastas to call the guests’ attention to what the kitchen does best. Prices are slightly more expensive than some competitors in the area, but that did not seem to deter the crowd. Most of the clients look like regulars including Italian expats and the owner says they are serving a growing number of tourists. This restaurant only has outdoor seating at the moment, so sit close to fans if you don’t want to wilt over your food on hot days – fortunately there is generally ample shade.

Address: 9na esq. 74, Playa

Opening hours: noon till 3 pm, 7 pm till 11 pm

Tel: +53 52559091