A drive around the lush Miramar in Playa might make you think you're in a traditional and affluent residential suburb of a southern coastal city in the U.S. until you notice the absence of traffic lights and street signs.

Prior to Fidel’s revolution in 1959, this neighborhood was where the country’s rich and famous settled. Still today, rents in the area are the highest of all neighborhoods in Havana. The country’s famous Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue) is located in this area, lined with upscale hotels, embassies (Russia's is the most conspicuous) and Cuba's top cigar street. Some of the city’s best restaurants, such as La Esperanza, Fontana, as well as top private clubs such as The Havana Biltmore Yacht and Country Club are located in this area.

Where to eat: La Esperanza, La Fontana, Starbien, El Aljibe, La Carboncita
Where to stay: Hotel Melia Cohiba, Melia Habana, NH Capri La Habana
Where to drink: King Bar, Espacios
Where to dance: Casa de la Música, Don Cangrejo, La Cecilia, El Sauce, Café Miramar

July 21st, 2015
By Havana Insider

Bella Ciao: Best Italian Restaurant

Bella Ciao, a lush Italian restaurant deep in the Miramar area delivers stellar classics that stay faithful to their Italian roots. With outdoor seating under a roof of green ivies and trees, there’s a casual atmosphere that plays nicely off the classic austerity of many of the dishes on the impressively packed menu.
July 21st, 2015
By Havana Insider

Café Miramar

Café Miramar, a sleek jazz Club, located right next to the old Miramar cinema, has recently become one of the hot spots of Havana's jazz scene.