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Bella Ciao: Best Italian Restaurant

Italian Restaurant in Havana

This lush Italian restaurant deep in the Miramar area delivers stellar classics that stay faithful to their Italian roots, voted by us as the best Italian restaurant in Havana. With outdoor seating under a roof of green ivies and trees, there’s a casual atmosphere that plays nicely off the classic austerity of many of the dishes on the impressively packed menu. The menu is wrinkled and worn, a happy sign of steady business among Cuba’s Italian expats, as well as tourists and the foreign diplomats who live in the area. Its ravioli di pesce in cream sauce with shrimp is a personal favorite of owner Aldo Amadori, an Italian who has been making Italian food in Cuba for more than 15 years. Its signature Bella Ciao pizza with Serrano ham (in deference to supply vagaries), parmesan cheese, tomato and arugula is nicely done by chef Carlo. In order to testify to its authenticity, Aldo said the tomato and arugula are grown from seeds brought from Italy. The lasagne di carne della casa and other pastas, staples on the menu, are great – and very true to authentic form. Don’t pass on the chocolate cake at the end of the meal. It’s very moist with some pear slices wedged in between layers. The dining experience would be easier for some to navigate if there were an English menu. It is only in Italian, but Aldo said they are currently working on a translation. The quality of the food is consistently great – although prices can easily reach $50 CUC per head, including starter and drinks.

Address: 19 y 72, Miramar, Havana, Cuba

Opening hours: noon till midnight

Tel: +53 7 2061406

Price: Expensive