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The VIP Life at Havana’s Fantaxy Bar


Cuba’s most famous musicians can be seen hanging out in the VIP section at Fantaxy, which parties until 5 in the morning and enforces a strict dress code. On weekends the line to get in stretches down the block, as everyone from Miramar to Vedado waits their turn. Once midnight strikes and the space is full, Fantaxy closes it doors, turns away anyway else in line, and keeps the party going on the inside until the sun rises. Big, dark, and completely soundproof, this Havana club features a reggaetón-fueled dance floor, dazzling lights, and top-shelf Dom Perignon to full effect. Fantaxy also serves pizzas baked in a brick oven outside in their front garden. Calle 7maA e/ 70 y 66, Miramar, +53 72034507