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Casa de Julio, a treasure by the sea


This little restaurant by the sea is the essence of a “paladar,” a term that refers to Cuba’s small, mostly family-run restaurants. Located 40 minutes from Old Havana, Casa de Julio is in the beautiful fishing town of Baracoa. The owner Julio, a former surgeon, and his wife Iskra handle the expert cooking and friendly service for the restaurant’s five tables. The shellfish is a notch above most, featuring extremely fresh and well prepared dishes. Specialties of the house are octopus and the “garbanzos marineros” served in a ceramic pot chock full of fresh shellfish. Don’t miss the stuffed plantains either. Reservations are required. Ask for the table outside on a cute little balcony by the sea. After the meal, feel free to explore the quiet beach nearby and maybe even take a dip in the ocean.

Open Wednesday to Sunday, from 12:00m to 7:00pm.
Average price $8.00 to $14.00 cuc.
Baracoa neighborhood, # 5-2956580




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