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The Go-to Spot for Spanish Food: Toros y Tapas

Toros y Tapas

Cuban gastronomy is strongly influenced by our Spanish colonizers. A cultural amalgam of flavors that has been transformed over the centuries in Cuba. On top of that, African traditions, as well as its indigenous cultures, have also played a fundamental role. So, we are practically forced to love Spanish cuisine.

Mauricio Estrada, the chef of Toros y Tapas, takes advantage of all this to charm us with his interpretation of Iberian culinary arts. His gastronomic experience both in the mother country and on the island has allowed him to play with bold flavors and the traditional Spanish recipes. He also sometimes give his dishes a Caribbean touch and always uses our homegrown produces to the fullest. You can see that cooking is a pleasure of his and that he is, without a doubt, the soul of the restaurant. You will always see him popping in and out of the kitchen, often recommending a dish to a customer or chatting with a regular.

The food is simply fabulous. The piquillo peppers and mushroom croquettes and slow-cooked tender meats are some dishes that you must order. However, the best dishes are probably the seafood fideuá and Valencian paella. After all, we are in a Spanish restaurant no?

There are always some good Spanish reds available at Toros y Tapas to enhance your meal. Coupled with the Spanish allegorical decorations, from bullheads hanging on the walls to posters of bullfighters, complete the experience. If you still need a little nudge, then it’s probably worth saying that we do not know anyone who has left Toros y Tapas feeling discontent. This is highly recommended!