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With just seven tables, Hecho en Casa dazzles


With just seven tables, chef-owner Alina Menendez Lamas dazzles with a daily menu in a space that feels like home. Lamas makes a point of explaining her approach and her dishes to every table. Eggplant mousaka, plantains rolled in bacon and homemade “Picadillo a la Habanera”(mincemeat) are standouts. Lamas especially shines at dessert. Look for baracoa Cuban chocolate ice cream, strawberry sherbet, and boniatillo cimarrón” served in a coconut. Quiet and cozy, this little restaurant located in a peaceful block of Miramar. Reservations are required. Calle 14 #511 e/ 5ta y 7ma Playa +53 72025392, +53 52899973