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New Restaurants In Havana: Casa Miglis

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Today, private restaurants or paladars in Cuba seem to be opening up everywhere in Havana. But you would hardly expect, in the crowded and bustling streets of Centro Habana, to find a Swedish restaurant. This one was opened a little over two years ago by Swedish music video director Michel Miglis, who first arrived in Cuba in the late 1990’s. The restaurant offers popular Swedish dishes, which include the proverbial meatballs with mashed potatoes as well as combined menu that includes Cuban specialties. We couldn’t resist trying the meatballs. They were satisfying enough. But the lamb stew, which we ordered next, was a real treat: genuinely delicious, with the meat perfectly tender, braised in a rich and spicy tomato-based sauce. The ceviche starter was good too–we’d recommend it easily. The restaurant, which has plenty of space, is tastefully decorated with a combination of Cuban memorabilia and contemporary art pieces. They recently refurbished one of the dining rooms and added a new stage for live music performance.

Address: Lealtad 120 | Between Animas and Lagunas, Centro Havana, Havana, Cuba

Tel: +53 7 8641486

Opening hours: noon to midnight


Price: Moderate