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New Restaurants in Havana: El Del Frente

Octopus and Tataki

If you like O’Reilly 304, one of the coolest bars/restaurants in town, you’ll love their newest venture, just across the street. El Del Frente means “the one in front”.  The menu is similar–which is great considering that O’Reilly’s has one of the best ceviches in town, as well as the best tacos. And the tuna tataki. Food is outstanding too at the new and more spacious restaurant. What El Del Frente has that O’Reilly, and what other paladares in Old Havana lack, is a spacious rooftop terrace/bar where you can either sit for a drink and a cigar, or have a light informal dinner surrounded by Old Havana’s historic architecture. The drinks here are exceptional: the mixologist from O’Reilly is now at the rooftop making some of the best gin tonics, daiquiris and mojitos in Havana. The clientele include Havana’s hippest locals as well as visitors.  You won’t want to miss this. 

Address: ‪303 O’Reilly, Habana Vieja

Tel: + 53 78630206

Opening hours:

Price: Moderate