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Dining in style and sipping Sassicaia at Versus 1900

Versus, restaurants in HavanaIn a strikingly high-ceilinged 120-year-old Vedado mansion, this stylish second-floor paladar offers competently done international meat, poultry, pasta and seafood dishes that satisfy even if they don’t always totally dazzle. A notable exception might be the  housemade duck confit, with an unlikely but winning potato and fruit hash. Suckling pig seems close to a staple in better Havana restaurants. It is served variously as a quarter, or in a more constructed format, as was the crispy but tender square presented here.  As the evening progresses, the air-conditoned main dining room empties in favor of a fresh adjoining outdoor eating terrace. One level up, a roof bar beckons with smartly outfitted spa beds and other lounging set-ups—a perfect place to linger over a snifter of a rich and fragrant 25 year old Santiago rum. If you fancy a 1979 Sassicaia or another iconic super-Tuscan or Ribera del Dueros, they’ve got that too, but you better have a really fat stack of pesos on hand. Address: Linea 504 Altos, Entre D y EHavana, Cuba; Tel: 5378351852