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Nazdarovie highlights the deep joys of Russian cuisine

Pelmeni at Nazdarovia
Pelmeni at Nazdarovia

Proving the deep joys and dimensions of Russian food, Nazdarovie is a singularly exceptional restaurant. Russian food gets a bad rap, but owner Gregory Biniowsky and his predominately Slavic staff prove that this often-maligned cuisine is an untapped market. In an ironic twist, even the Chinese and Italians could learn a thing or two from the grandmothers in the kitchen, who handmake incredible pelmeni (tortellini-shaped dumplings) stuffed with pork and tossed with sour cream. Beet-red borscht makes for a lovely summer soup, and stroganoff made with real porcini mushrooms and served with creamy mashed potatoes is comfort food at its most comforting. The staff makes its own black bread and sour cream, grandmothers bake beautiful chocolate tortes, and then there’s Zita, a Siberian gypsy who dances and serenades tables with Soviet classics and soulful Argentine tangos. Dine on the terrace overlooking a breathtaking view of the Malecon and the Caribbean. What a gem, not just for Cuba but for the world. #25 Malecón, La Habana, +(07) 8602947

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