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Underground fun: The Conga Room


Whether you call it “Elegguá”, “the bar with no name” or its official moniker, “The Conga Room” (all three can be used to refer to this place), everyone agrees there are few better things to do in Old Havana at 3am. This is the kind of clubby bar that you discover by chance. You start the night not knowing anyone and end up inviting a dozen new friends to your home for one final drink. Dark and decadent, it is the most underground bar in Havana. It’s like a laboratory where a social scientist tests his ideas, giving it a unique vibe.

The staff are always fun, friendly, efficient and never look tired. They party through the night just like their customers. The beer is cold, the cocktails are strong and the music always interesting. But the real draw here is the rumba. It starts around 10pm and rocks until midnight. It’s a spicy show that really has to be seen to be understood; not the typical tourist rumberos that you sometimes find out here. These guys give it their all. With machetes and knives they immerse themselves, and therefore the audience, inside the mysterious universe of Afro-Cuban folklore with a hypnotic effect. An experience you must seek out.

Address: Aguiar #209 e/ Tejadillo y Empedrado, Habana Vieja