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Nazdarovie: Best Russian Restaurant

Nazdarovie in Havana
Raviolis served at Nazdarovie

From the usher, dressed in a Russian sailor suit, greeting guests at the front entrance, to its vintage Soviet propaganda posters hung all over the walls, to a Valdimir Lenin bust flanked by tall vodka bottles, and all the way to the matryoshka dolls sitting on the shelves, Nazdarovie takes USSR nostalgia to a whole new level.

The décor alone is worth the visit, but the food makes this a mainstay of Havana’s fine dining. Since its opening in 2014, this is a place that has been gang-rushed by hordes of Russian tour groups, foodies and tourists. From starters like salade olivier and homemade Russian style raviolis filled with ground beef in sour cream to pan seared spicy chicken, each dish is well thought out and presented with exquisite garnish, adding up to an excellent overall dining experience. The crepes filled with ricotta cheese, chocolate and almond flavored cakes are nicely done without being too sweet. And for folks who have momentarily had their fill of rum, Nazdarovie’s extensive vodka list will be a welcome change of pace. The staff are buoyant and attentive, but what will ultimately stun, bewitch and obsess you is the unbeatable, intoxicating view of the Malecón seen from the terrace. The whole world quiets down as the sun slowly descends to kiss the sea, until its glow completely trails off. This is Havana at its best! Reserve in advance to secure a table outside on the terrace.


Address: Malecón #25 entre Prado y Cárcel, 2do Piso, Habana Vieja

Tel: + (53) 7 8602947

Opening hours: noon till midnight

Price: Moderate