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At La Siciliana, A rising Pizza Star Is Born

La Siciliana

We are sad to announce that La Siciliana is now closed.

Cubans are obsessed with eating pizza, and few obsess over making it quite like Ivano at La Siciliana. The young maestro, and son of the owner, is half-Italian and makes the best pizza in the city, an all the more impressive feat considering his use of Cuban flour and Cuban milk, which is molded into orbs of Italian-style mozzarella and ricotta. The crust, lightly charred in a wood-burning oven, is thin and airy—a dead-ringer for the Neapolitan style. We’re partial to the Margherita and its vibrant tomato sauce. The price of a single pie—upwards of 15CUC—is high but worth it. Servers, oddly enough, will hand you a menu with only Cuban dishes. Insist on seeing a pizza menu, and, if you’re in the mood, ask about ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta and other Italian specialties.

Address: Calle 82 No. 1711 e/ 17 y 19 Playa, Havana

Tel:  537 207 4222