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Big on Seoul, Havana’s first Korean restaurant, Club Su Miramar, is a winner

Havana's first Korean restaurant, Club Su Miramar

Saying that Club Su Miramar is the best Korean restaurant in Havana means almost nothing since it doesn’t have a single competitor. But even if other Korean restaurants were around, we doubt they could capture the same magic that we found at Club Su Miramar. Past the manicured courtyard and through the sleek sliding doors, the kitchen shows standout technique with classics like tightly-wrapped Kimbab with smoked salmon, cheyukbokum, and bulgogi scented with ginger. The lush rice, imported from Korea, is a particular pleasure. Come warmer weather, we’ll turn to the bibimbap served in a hot clay pot.

Address: Calle 40A, Playa, Miramar, Havana 11300

Opening hours: noon to 3am

Tel: +5372063443

Price: Moderate

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