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Tropicana, a legendary cabaret that first opened its doors in 1939, remains to this day one of the classic spots in Havana’s night life. Its stage has seen the performances of local stars like Omara Portuondo or the late Bola de Nieve as well as internationally celebrated artists like Nat King Cole. Before the Revolution, this was the place where Marlon Brando, Ernest Hemingway and JFK reveled in the cabaret’s dazzling performances. Located in the Marianao district, this outdoor venue is surrounded by large and dense trees that cover the impressive stage, where it can accommodate up to 100 sparkly dressed dancers. The dance numbers are also accompanied by an intense light show and an orchestra performance. Dinner is served here but we suggest you focus on the show.

Address: 72 A, Marianao, Playa, La Habana

Tel: +53 7 2671718

Opening hours: 8:30pm – 1am