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Supreme tacos and tortillas at El Chile Habanero

The fajita platter at Chili Habanero
The fajita platter at Chili Habanero

Before you can acclimate to the Crayola interior or take in the warming smell of corn tortillas simmering in lard, a chef will likely pull you to a table and insist on pouring you a tamarind margherita. Don’t turn him down. And so the feast begins at this two-story restaurant. The Mexican owner went as far as bringing in a chef from his native country to whip the kitchen into shape. It shows. The zingy guacamole is so naturally sweet you’d think they added fresh summer corn to it. For entrees, focus on the tacos—like juicy lechon with pickled onions—and the fajita platters, which come with warm flour tortillas made fresh in house. Factor in an attentive wait staff and a comfortable dining room, and you’ve got one of the most realized restaurants in Havana. Calle Durege, 213, Entre Santa Emilia Y, Havana, +5376422201

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