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Havana’s fashion awakening: 3 stores you have to visit

Cuba’s fashion world is expanding rapidly. Several designer clothing stores have emerged in a very short space of time, giving a remarkable energy to Havana that arises not from the competition between these private institutions but from their cooperative efforts to help spread new, creative ideas throughout the city. All from young and talented Cuban creators, their goal is the same: to promote the country as a worthy fashion hub, which until now has been impossible. Their designs are modern and daring, with an attractive summer feel. They only use high quality fabrics and materials, sometimes imported and often recycled, to create attractive and durable products that are also ecologically aware. Right now, these projects represent Cuban haute couture and are the first step toward a bright, fashionable future. Here are three of these stores worth a visit:


  1. Clandestina

Clandestina was the first independent Cuban fashion brand. Today, it’s impossible to walk around Havana without spotting some of its daring accessories. Their products are available in their little studio store in Old Havana and in its dynamic online store ( Its main accessories are: t-shirts, shirts, bags and caps, but they also sell posters, stickers, keychains, and more. Their designs are original, modern and loaded with a keen sense of humor, a very Cuban attribute.

Address: Villegas 403 e/ Teniente Rey y Muralla
Habana Vieja



  1. Capicúa Fashion

Describing themselves as “Handmade Cuban fashion created with lots of love”, Capicúa recently opened their store on San Lázaro Street, where you can find the designs of several young Cuban brands. The omnipresent wasasa bug bags with an African and Caribbean style are tailor-made for Cuba, and go hand-in-hand with the colorful and youthful clothes of Capicúa. You can also find Jíbaro designs and Ativa’s select jewelry, strongly influenced by pre-Columbian aboriginal culture.

Address: San Lázaro #55, Centro Habana

Contact: +53 78610754, +53 5 2845887,


  1. Color Café

This is a hybrid and eclectic space, that works as a tapas bar in the front and a fashion boutique in the back. The fashion workshop offers unique clothing collections that alternate between colorful and white patterns, traditional Cuban and modern designs. They often have small fashion parades through the bar, with beautiful models wearing the designs of Loypa Yzaguirre. After buying some of their accessories, stay at the bar for one of their inventive cocktails.

Address: Calle Aguiar #109 e/ Chacón y Cuarteles

Contact: +53 59097707,