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Best Seafood Restaurants in Havana: Rio Mar

Rio Mar
The swordfish ceviche

This seaside restaurant is located off a small bay right where Miramar meets the Malecon and where the Almendares river ends. The restaurant has a lovely terrace facing the sea where guests can enjoy a drink while looking out over a tranquil inlet.  Refurbished from a 1950s style residence, the restaurant is tastefully decorated with a colorful combination of antiques and new pieces. The strength of its menu lies in its fish dishes. The swordfish ceviche, which is served with a thin layer of guacamole, is a total win. The fish is flavorful and not eclipsed by the flavors of lemon or cilantro, and the guacamole adds another layer of flavor and texture that complements the fish beautifully. For the main course, we ordered a grilled fish with octopus. Both were perfectly cooked and delicious individually, even if  the combination was a bit excessive. But the grilled fish was really a delight, and the offering varies with the best daily catch.

Rio Mar
Grilled fish served with octopus

Address: 3ra y Final #11, La Puntilla, Miramar

Tel: +53 7 2094838

Opening hours: Noon to midnight

Price: Moderate