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Video: Cuban Cigars From Leaf to Smoke in Two minutes

In 2011, James Suckling and Hollywood director James Orr shot the award-winning documentary movie  “Cigars: The Heart and Soul of Cuba”.  In the film, screened at the Havana Film Festival as well as the Bogotá Film Festival, James takes you on a beautiful journey directly into the world of Cuban cigars.  From the tobacco plantations and ‘factories’ at center of the cigar-making process, to the people whose passion and expertise are critical at every stage of production, the film shows why Cuban cigars are still the best in the world.

This video clip gives you an overview of the whole process of making a cigar–from picking the tobacco at the plantation, curing the leaf, rolling the cigar, and finally, lighting, smoking and savoring a world-class Cuban cigar. All in two breathtaking minutes. Enjoy!  If it touches your heart and soul, watch the full movie for free here.