UK Cigar Scene Interview With James Suckling

James recently did an interview with UK Cigar Scene, a popular online cigar magazine based in London, where he looked back to his more than 30 years of experiences writing about Cigars when working as the bureau chief of Cigar Aficionado magazine. What began as a littlie trick to impress his instructor by smoking a pipe in graduate school of Wisconsin turned into a lifetime passion for cigars. 

While tasting different vintage cigars of Montecristo, it struck James that tasting cigars is just like tasting wine, “you can taste the cigar and see how it becomes more refined and elegant with age just like how wine improves particularly with red wine with tannins. The youth of wine softens and ages as an old refined beverage,” he explains. 

Watch the interview above to find out more about James’ insights on tasting cigars, how to educate one’s palate to taste cigars. Also, in thevideo, James talked about his latest project HavanaInsider, a new website that covers latest tobacco stories and James’ Cuban cigar ratings. 

*You can also read the magazine’s profile on James below, which appeared in UK Cigar Scene’s October issue. Click on the image to read the original pdf

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