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Travel Budget for Cuba

travel budget for Cuba
Centro Habana

Accommodations and restaurant rates vary considerably, as anywhere. U.S.-based home rental website Airbnb recently began operating in Cuba, offering more than 1,000 private rental houses from $10 CUC to over $1000 CUC a night. And bear in mind Cuban CUC is pegged 1-1 to the U.S. dollar.

Accommodation: Expect to spend around $100 CUC to $200 CUC per night at better hotels, sometimes considerably more depending on the travel season.

Transportation: State-owned taxis often charge a fixed fare of $10 CUC for a trip within downtown Havana, although you can try to opt to pay by meter. There are also bicycle taxis – slower but cheaper, that can take you anywhere in the city. Prices vary from $2 CUC to $10 CUC. The yellow coco taxis are slightly faster and charge around $4 CUC to $10 CUC depending on distances.  Unless you’re assured of a meter fare, always agree on a price before your trip.

Meals: Lunch for two with starters and drinks in Havana generally costs from $30 CUC to $50 CUC; dinner for two from $30 CUC to $70 CUC, more depending on alcohol consumption. A meal for two at a private restaurant (paladar) on our top restaurant list ranges from about $25 CUC (Doña Eutimia is great value) to $70 CUC at La Guarida or Ivan & Justo.

Drinks: Drinks on most menus are around $3 CUC to $5 CUC, but some premium spirits, such as aged rums, can go up to $10 CUC a glass or more.