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Could San Juan be Havana’s best new cocktail bar?

A plate of Serrano ham goes for less than 10CUC
A plate of Serrano ham goes for less than 10CUC

Looks like there’s a new contender for the best cocktails in Havana. Bartenders at the newly-opened San Juan sling top-notch potions, including a sharp and balanced Bloody Mary and a tropical-haven mango daiquiri. The food hits high marks as well. Start with a big plate of serrano ham (less than 10CUC!) before digging into the tamal en cazuela, a Cuban speciality made with corn and slivers of pork. Fish papillote cooked with white wine, onions, carrots and mushrooms as well as the well-spiced beef fajitas are also must-orders. Doors and windows open up to the San Juan de Dios park making for a communal and breezy vibe. If you want something more secluded, head upstairs to the private room. San Juan de Dios # 9 e/ Habana y Aguiar, Habana Vieja phone # +53 78647422


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