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Parque Central

Parque Central
José Martí statue on Parque Central

The Parque Central is huddled by some of Havana’s most famous landmarks such as the El Capitolio, the Gran Teatro de La Habana, the Manzana de Gómez and the Payret Cinema. In the center of the park is a José Martí statue, the first of hundreds later to be erected across the country. The statue is surrounded by 28 royal palm trees, symbolizing the national hero’s birth date – January 28. Now the park is a place for residents and visitors to hunt treasures among the stalls selling second-hand books, art works and antiques. There’s also a Hot Corner in the park for avid baseball fans, where they can engage in heated debates about every aspect of the game. The old American Classic cars and horse carriages lined along the park are also quite a sight.

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