Discover Havana

Free Download For Our New Guide Distributed in Havana! was launched in July 2015 by, as the U.S. and Cuba resumed diplomatic relations. It quickly became the go-to reference for visitors to Havana who want to experience the best of an amazing 500-year-old city. Packed with high-quality recommendations on restaurants, bars, and cultural highlights, has drawn praise for its great graphics, crisp style, and user-friendliness.

We just hit another milestone this morning–a major one–with the release of HavanaInsider in hard copy in Havana. We made history being the first American company to print and circulate a publication in Havana, Cuba, following the improved relations between the American and Cuban governments. The bilingual quarterly pocket guide in English and Spanish is available for free in many of the city’s top restaurants and bars.

There is nothing else like it! This is the only independent, locally published guide to great restaurants, cigars, rums, and bars. It fills a huge void, and is an indispensable companion to first time and return visitors. Havana has so much to offer but zeroing-in on the best isn’t easy. HavanaInsider changes all that.

Like its parent website, the new quarterly publication has a major focus the best Cuban cigars and rums available for local purchase. The website is quickly becoming a top platform for reviews of Cuban cigars, including ratings by co-publisher James Suckling. James is the world’s preeminent critic of Cuban cigars. Traveling to Cuba for 30 years as an American journalist he has developed an extraordinary breadth of contacts and knowledge on Cuban cigars, which he shares on the site and in the new print version. He was a former full-time European editor of Cigar Aficionado from 1992 to 2010.

Traveling to Cuba? Download the pdf version of the guide here. Don’t leave home without it. Really. Below is the first page of the guide to give you a preview.

– William McIlhenny, associate publisher of LLC