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Doña Eutimia

Dona Eutimia

Nothing defines Doña Eutimia more than the word tradition. As you would expect at a quaint paladar offering hearty Cuban food at extremely reasonable prices, foodies beat a path to this top traditional Cuban eatery. Located at the corner right off Plaza de la Catedral in Habana Vieja, the food and overall décor play magically on each other, and reminds us of a grandmother’s home cooking. Its picadillo a la habanera, slowly stewed ground beef cooked with raisins and olives, is the ultimate comfort food here. Also, a real stand-out on the menu is ropa vieja, the quintessential Cuban dish: here it is made with lamb, not the more-common beef. The meat is very succulent and flavorful, with no traces of gamy taste, which can be a turn-off for some. Be sure to try the starter tostones rellenos, fried plantain filled with tuna, ham, spicy fish and ground beef. The deep fried malanga, which is endearingly called the “delicious cousin of sweet potato and yam” on the menu, is served with honey on the side. Also don’t miss the flan caramel and torrejas desserts after a full meal. The only minor complaint is that the room can be a bit hot and stuffy on a hot summer day – and watch out for water drops from the air conditioner by the door. A reservation is absolutely essential unless you don’t mind waiting in lines.

Address: Callejón del Chorro # 60-C, Plaza de la Catedral, Habana Vieja, Havana, Cuba

Opening hours: noon to 10pm

Tel: +53 7 8611332

Price: Affordable