Cigar Review

Cigar Review: Hunters & Frankau Ramon Allones Aniversario 225

Hunters & Frankau

This is a phenomenal cigar. It has such depth and richness like the great Ramon Allones of the 1990s. It’s full and intense with walnuts, tobacco, and mahogany, plus dark tea undertones. Full-bodied, it displays a long and soulful character. It was aged in the warehouse of a British cigar merchant in England and produced for importer Hunters & Frankau to celebrate its 225th anniversary. It’s a tribute to the great cigar merchant and its key owner, the Freeman family. It’s a “gordito” viotla measuring 5½” (141mm) by 50 ring gauge. It originally came in a small cedar humidor designed from similar small cabinets from the 1930s and 1940s. The tiny cigar furniture came with four cedar cabinets of 25 cigars each. It also included a bottle of specially blend Havana Club rum. You can find cigars on sale now by the stick or box.

Price: £729 per box or £29.16 per stick

-James Suckling