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Café El Escorial: Best Coffee In Havana

Café El Escorial

This is the closest thing Havana has to Starbucks, minus the takeout services. If you insist, bring along your own mug or even a Ziploc bag (like Cubans do) for a café con leche, the holy grail at this quaint café shop on Plaza Vieja, for only $1.2 CUC! Besides the usual latte, cappuccino, expresso offerings, there is a huge portion of the menu dedicated to coffees mixed with all kinds of Cuban rums and other liquors, from Fariseo (Añejo 3 años), Rocio de Gallo (aged rum) to Mexicano (tequila) and Brule (brandy). You won’t have a complete Cuban experience unless you tried the Fariseo here. All the coffee beans used are grown in Escambray, a mountainous area in central Cuba, and freshly roasted coffee beans are available for purchase. There are some nice selections of cakes and pastries including Cuban sandwiches, chocolate cakes and brownies on offer.

AddressMercaderes No 317 Plaza Vieja, Habana ViejaHabanaCuba

Opening hours: noon till 9pm

Tel: +53 7 868 3545