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Best Fish Restaurant In Havana: Santy


This is hands down the best fish restaurant in Havana. Far from the commotion of Old Havana, it is tucked away near the mouth of the Jaimanitas river in a fishermen’s village of the same name in western Havana. The restaurant has been open for many years, but still doesn’t have any sign indicating its presence in the neighborhood. Rustically decorated in maritime themes, the restaurant has a terrace right on the wooden dock where the boats are tied. Expect no loud music or canned trios playing “Son de la Loma”. Instead, a tall soulful man usually sits on one of the tables and gently plays the guitar while murmuring his songs in a Cohenesque tone and sipping on glass of rum.

But what is most amazing about this restaurant is the menu. Offerings are dictated by the best daily catch, much fished directly by the establishment, a few dishes sourced from local fisherman who pass by in their boats each morning.

The impressive and diverse menu of this small paladar offers delicious and surprising starters such as fresh sashimi, home-made smoked fish and a tuna tataki made with some of the finest tuna you may ever encounter. The menu also offers – remember, we are in Cuba – homemade ngiri with, depending on the catch of the day,  fresh fish. And it’s good. On the grill, go for the swordfish, a real treat. This is a busy restaurant. Although not absolutely necessary, a reservation will always get you in to what is definitely one of Havana’s best-kept culinary secrets.

Address: Calle 240A #3023 esq. 3raC, Jaimanitas, La Habana

Tel: +53 52867039

Opening hours:  8pm – midnight

Price: Expensive