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Video Blog: Touch Down Havana! More U.S. Flights to Cuba

Today’s news of the imminent agreement between the United States and Cuba to resume regular commercial flights between the two countries means tens of thousands of more Americans will be coming to the island. American travel is already up 50 percent this year, which means between 200,000 and 300,000 Americans.

This will only add to the pressure on the Cuban hospitality business to cope with more and more American tourist. Check out a recent blog on the subject on

At the moment, flights to Cuba from the United States originate mostly from Miami, and they are through various charter companies such as Cuba Travel Service and ABC who contract flights through such commercial carriers as Jet Blue and American Airlines. With the change, passengers will be able to book the flights directly from primary US airlines. The reports did not mention if Cubana de Aviación, the Cuban airlines, also would be providing flights between the two countries.

For those who haven’t flown into Cuba’s main airport in Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport, check out the short video above, shot from my iphone when I landed there sitting in the jump seat of a 767 from Rome in 2011. The airline will remain anonymous.

-James Suckling